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    Immigration Study Reports, maps, and charts are best viewed on a desktop or tablet. This section of the NOVA Region Dashboard is designed to provide an overview of the One Region reports and quick access to key data pieces found in the report. The One Region reports summarize and report on immigration in the Northern Virginia region. This One Region immigration dashboard provides data not only of the overall Northern Virginia region, but also on the localities within the region . The Northern Virginia Regional Commission was pleased to collaborate with the Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE) and the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia on the study, One Region: Welcoming New Americans to Northern Virginia. The original study was published on March 12, 2020. It is a study of the economic impact of immigrants to the region. An addendum to the study was published on October 21, 2020 that provides immigrant data relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis response . The research was conducted by NAE. NAE has undertaken similar studies throughout the United States.​ Download a copy of the original report, published March 2020 A webinar was hosted on October 21, 2020. For copies of the presentations and video recording go to the webinar webpage. Overview of the One Region Report The One Region report is a comprehensive picture of new Americans in Northern Virginia (NOVA). It highlights the size and rapid growth in the immigrant population in the region and their impact on the local economy, including injecting more money into local businesses, property markets, and municipal budgets as consumers, homebuyers, and taxpayers. ​ Immigrants are major contributors to Northern Virginia's (NOVA) economy as highlighted in the report. The NOVA immigrant population is diverse. These people emigrate, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. “Immigrants are a vital part of the economic and social fabric of Northern Virginia. Their success is our success, and we must continue to be a welcoming community for all to ensure our long-term prosperity,” said P. David Tarter, Chairman of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and Mayor of the City of Falls Church. Immigrants are an indispensable part of the local Northern Virginia economy at all levels, as workers, business owners, taxpayers and consumers. Trivia: What is the foreign born share of the population in NOVA? Source: U.S Census Bureau, 2018 American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates. 27.6% Immigrants widen and deepen the labor market with a vast array of skills and levels of expertise. They help businesses, farms, and factories fill workforce gaps at all levels of the labor market, allowing companies to meet market demands and expand their operations, which leads to more job creation. ​ * Except where otherwise noted, the term “immigrant” and “foreign-born” are used interchangeably throughout the NOVA Region Dashboard and in the "One Region" report. One Region Report Addendum on COVID-19 Response ​This brief provides a glimpse at the role of immigrants in Northern Virginia during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the impact that the pandemic has had on the immigrant community. ​ The immigrant population is especially vulnerable to gaps in our social safety nets. Understanding this population in Northern Virginia helps better inform local leaders as they aim to implement inclusive emergency response policies. The immigrant population is essential to our country’s rapid COVID-19 response efforts. Download a copy of the COVID-19 addendum report published October 2020 Data Charts and Key Findings by Report Topic (best viewed on desktop) The data is sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) five-year estimates, as well as other sources. The ACS is a survey based on a sample of the population. Sample surveys include a degree of uncertainty and error in the data. The larger the population and housing units of an area or data variable, the more reliable the ACS data. The Northern Virginia regional data is more reliable than the county level data that is presented in the data charts. Users should interpret the data by keeping this in mind. Citizenship Entrepreneurship Internet Access Economy Healthcare Language Spoken Education Housing Labor Force Additional Immigrant Information (best viewed on desktop) Further information about Northern Virginia's immigrant population, from research NVRC has conducted separately from the One Region report, can be found on the People dashboard. People There is a myriad of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide services to immigrants. A number of the local governments in Northern Virginia also provide links to information and services. Where to Get Help

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    Other Coronavirus Resources Reports, maps, and charts are best viewed on a desktop or tablet. Northern Virginia Additional Coronavirus Resources I n addition to the coronavirus data and maps found on the NOVA Region Dashboard, other Northern Virginia coronavirus resources, as well as national resources, can be found by going to the Coronavirus Regional Services/Information Website. Click on image to go to website Census Bureau Coronavirus Demographics Dashboard​ The Census Bureau COVID-ID dashboard provides demographics on the impact of COVID-19 at the county level. This dashboard's uses the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, County Business Patterns data, and many other data sources to report on the impact of COVID-19 in communities across the United States. Click on image to go to dashboard

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    Economics Information on economics of the overall Northern Virginia region and its county and cities. Overall Information on economics of Northern Virginia incorporated towns . Towns

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    NOVA Region Dashboard Notice: ​ Interactive data charts are currently unavailable. Server is c urrently down. We apologize for the inconvenience. ​ March 25, 2021 Close

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    Economics Overall About the Overall Economics Data What is it that sets Northern Virginia apart from other places, that gives Northern Virginia its competitive edge, that makes it such a unique, dynamic and interesting place? It’s unparalleled human capital, the people who live here, work here, and come here from all corners of the globe. Proximity to the nation’s capital has transformed Northern Virginia and the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area into one of America’s — and the world’s — most dynamic, fastest growing, economically advanced, highly-educated, prosperous, and culturally-diverse regions on the planet. The region has some of the top, most renowned public school systems in the nation. The quality of education in the region's public school systems draws numerous amounts of families to the region. The demographic, social, and economic profile of this region shows it. ​ Median Household Income Household Income Distribution Economically Disadvantaged Workforce

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    Where to Get Help? Help to Immigrants There are a myriad of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide services to immigrants, including refugees. A number of the local governments in Northern Virginia also provide links to information and services. Alexandria City American Civil Liberties Union - Virginia Affiliate American Red Cross Arlington County Government Ayuda CAIR Coalition CASA de Virginia Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington - Hogar Immigrant Services Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc. Fairfax County Government Just Neighbors Ministry Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington Legal AID Justice Center Literacy Council of Northern Virginia Loudoun Literacy Council Lutheran Social Services - Refugee and Immigration Services (Falls Church Office) Northern Virginia Family Services SCAN of Northern Virginia Tahirih Justice Center The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium Uceda English Institute of Virginia US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants VOICE